Your Guide to a Successful Session

Thank you for choosing Vanessa Koza Photography! I am honored to be capturing your newborn in their very beginning of life. Here is a guide to help you and your newborn have a successful session with me. Newborn sessions aren't meant to be stressful or chaotic. So come, SIT, RELAX & ENJOY while I work with your baby - They are in safe hands! 


Sessions typically take 2-3 hours even with a very sleepy baby. I work VERY slowly with your baby to ensure he/she is always cozy and comfortable. I have three kiddos myself, including a set of young twins. Your baby will never be placed in an unsafe pose. Newborn safety is my number one priority and I’ve completed numerous workshops on newborn safety and posing. All of our parents take this time to sit back, relax and enjoy having a professional baby whisper for a few hours. While I do my best at achieving my entire work-flow in your session, sometimes baby doesn’t like a pose. If I can’t get the baby to settle into a pose, I will scratch it and do something else for time's sake. If after an hour and baby isn’t settling or is fussy, and I feel we will not fulfill my gallery, I will likely reschedule your session. Sometimes tummy aches or gas play a role in why babies are fussy and therefore aren’t comfortable being posed. The nice part about photographing newborns is we can try again. I will style your session based on your color preferences and provide the highest quality luxuary accessories and props so you don’t have to worry about bringing anything but your family. The room will be set between 80-85 degrees for baby. I will also play a white noise machine to mimic the sound of the womb. 


1. Please give baby a bath in the morning before coming in for the session. This will stimulate baby and help baby tire out. Allowing your baby to kick and be free for around 10-15 minutes will also help tire them out.

2. Dress baby in a zip-up sleeper, or a button-up. NO undershirt, please! We do not want any clothing we have to pull over the top of the baby's head.

3. Before you leave the house for your session, Please FEED baby. This will allow baby to fall into a deep sleep while you are driving to my in-home studio.


Some new babies struggle to get the hang of breastfeeding in the first few weeks OR they are cluster feeders. Please bring a bottle of pumped milk or formula just in case we need it.


We will only use the pacifier if baby is having trouble transitioning into different poses. Sometimes a baby just needs to suck for a few seconds to relax. This does not mean that they are hungry. However, if they are rooting for longer, we will give baby to mom for a feed and a snuggle. IF you are worried about nipple confusion, As a mother of 3 children, I can assure you that the few seconds or minutes of a pacifier will not affect them. They will always prefer the breast with milk over a dry pacifier. However, refusing a pacifier during your session could make your session go longer by several hours.


Please wear something neutral or soft colors. A white or black shirt will also work well. You do not need to match your spouse. Variety does look nice. Please AVOID wearing anything with LOGOS or something that you want to be photoshopped out. Please note that it will be HOT in the studio. Please keep in mind that a thick sweater most likely will have you sweating in seconds. So please keep things Light. Think like you will be hanging out in a HOT YOGA studio:) Generally, I will crop the parent and family images so that only the upper body will be shown. Please view the images below for a general idea of studio family posing!


Photographing the newest member of your family with your already beloved members is a great way to document your growing family. For sisters, please bring a well fitting neutral top. Brothers, well-fitting jeans with a well-fitting white t-shirt, as a suggestion. 


The studio room will be hot and the newborn session can last between 2-3 hours. We will begin the session with your newborn baby and do their entire solo portion. Once the newborn portion is complete, we will do the sibling poses, and then parents and family shots.

It is my recommendation that if you do have other children with you for the newborn session, to either bring two vehicles and have your Spouse and other children go back home or elsewhere such as to the park. This will give dad and other children time to eat and play while mom stays with baby and completes the lengthy part of the newborn session.

This makes it easier for mom to relax and enjoy the newborn session to the full.

If this is your first child, then dad is still welcome to go for coffee and come back afterward or he can hang out and relax.


Every newborn session is different. If your baby sleeps perfectly from the time of your arrival, we could estimate a posing time of 1.5 hours. So if you have spouse and other children coming, have them plan on being there 1.5 hours after we've started.

But keep in mind, that Not every baby sleeps easily so this time can vary. I do not rush the baby, and you should be prepared to hang out for a while since baby is the Boss:)


The session takes place in Mid Morning and usually goes past the lunch hour. Please bring yourself snacks to keep your tummy full. Moms are welcome to snack in the studio room during the session. Due to covid, you'll also need to bring your own water.

Thank you for reading this prep guide.

I am excited to meet you and your beautiful family. Please note that I try to give you the most beautiful gallery possible. Following this prep guide as best as you can, will assist me in giving you more variety. 

Every baby is different, and some babies can get fussy. Not to worry! I use plenty of soothing techinques, and I am confident that we will have a fantastic session!